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Google Panda 4.0 update

1. Content should be rich, unique, standard & helpful to viewers.
2. Content should be updated in regularly & added new content in frequently.
3. Link should not be irrelevant & unexpected which is not helpful to viewers.

4. Build a Link with content should be standard and unique. That means content must not be copy from others.
5. Posting should be manually updated. Do not use any kind of software which is use to posting automatically.
6. Link building should be in ‘high page rank’ sites.
7. Advertisements in the sites should be limited.
8. Bounce Rate of the site must be limited. That means viewers will be stay here.
9. Design of the web sites must be beautiful & attractive to the viewers.
10. Web sites must have sharing process with social media.
11. Number of Content of the web sites must be many.
12. Key word of the web sites must be efficient, effective & relevant to the content and viewers.
13. Visitors will have to stay in the web sites in long time and read & view all contents that sites.
14. Viewers of the web sites should be worldwide.
15. Web sites should be light weight & loaded in quick time.
16. Others which is relevant & not violet the rules of Google panda.

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