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100 Best Free SEO Tools & Resources

1. Anchor Text Over Optimization Tool Link Research, Technical SEO Worried about Google's Penguin algorithm hitting you for over-optimized anchor text? Simply type in your URL for a full report of which links might raise flags.

 2. Bing Webmaster Tools Tools Suite, Diagnostic Similar in function to Google Webmaster Tools, Bing offers a suite of interesting research tools and resources for webmasters.

3. Bitly Social, Analytics Most people use Bitly for URL shortening, but the real power of this platform comes from its analytics.

 4. Boomerang Email, Productivity Boomerang lets you follow up on emails, even when you forget. Great for link building or any time you send a lot of emails.

 5. Buffer Social Optimize your online social media sharing. Buffer allows you to share with your audience at the optimal times for greater visibility.

 6. BuiltWith Competitive Intelligence Use BuiltWith to discover what technology nearly any website was, well, built with. Great for competitive intelligence as well.

7. Buzzstream Tools Suite Link Building, Tools Suite, Email Most people know Buzzstream as an outreach platform, but they also offer a number of free link-building tools. This company gets it.

8. Caption Tube Video Free and easy resource used to create captions for YouTube. Helps with usability and offers viewers a readable transcript.

 9. CircleCount Social, Analytics Google+ analytics ramped up. Free resource to track your followers and analyze your shares. See how many followers you've gained over time.

10. Content Strategy Generator Tool Content This tool from SEOgadget helps you plan your content strategy intelligently, using keyword research and estimating your audience size.
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