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oDesk Profile and Cover Letter format

1. Be Yourself
Never pretend in your cover letter what you cannot become. Always be honest, and upright. That’s the key to my success at oDesk. Thus it works. Try to be honest with your potential client and he will definitely consider you.
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2. Answer The Requested Questions
At times, the client raises few questions in the job posting like how many articles can you write per day, what is your rate per 500 words and so on. Always remember to answer each of the questions or else he may spam (decline) your application.

3. Try Making It Short And Snappy
Make your cover letter concise, brief, to the point and crisp. Try not to deviate from relevant information about your qualifications and ability. You must not give him a feeling of reading a newspaper or a magazine. Grab his attention from something he needs and not what you like. Try to put yourself in his shoes and write a letter from client’s standpoint. You will come to realize that he does not have too much time to go through your cover letter in full as he may have dozens of such letters. Give him what he wants in brief sentences because ‘the beauty of diction lies in its conciseness.’

4. Avoid Making Flaunting Statements
Try to steer clear of the unreal claims like you are the best candidate for the job. How come would he believe in your statement before examining you because that’s what every layman believes?

5. Reasons As To Why Would He Hire You?
You need to make a sales pitch and make him believe that you are the right person. Give him useful facts about your qualifications and that you can be beneficial for him because you will provide him quality work at reasonable rates. Try to be unique and different from others.

6. Wind Up Your Letter Courteously
Finally, conclude your proceedings in a humble and professional way. Tell your client about your availability timings, proper channel of communication to you and as a good gesture just put him in the picture as you don’t bother about the payment but the most important thing for you is the client’s satisfaction.

oDesk Cover Letter Example for Newbie

Here is an example for a good cover letter for oDesk jobs that helped me landing my first writing job at oDesk. You can write your own cover letter using this example just make the changes where required according to the type of job you are applying.

“Dear Hiring manager/

My name is Imran Hossain. I have been doing the job(article writing, data entry, seo etc job what you can) for X years/months. I have been contributing articles/ doing job on various topics/ various workstations to daily newspapers and monthly magazines/ with full accuracy and timely submission and believe that your job is right up my alley! I would be grateful if you would consider me for this job.
Being a newbie, I don’t have anything on my portfolio(if you don’t have one) to support my application but I am 100% sure that my services for you will become part of my portfolio and your feedback will support me in future job applications.

Your satisfaction will be my primary concern and will provide you quality and consistent results. I am capable of providing 100% original 2 articles in a 24hours window.

I am easily available as I check my email every 2 hours. Reply to this application will be automatically forwarded to my email. Kindly mention your timings when you are available for the interview. Don’t worry about the costs as payment is after your satisfaction. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!
Thank you for your time.


Md. Imran Hossain ( Your Profile Name)”
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